An athlete’s criminal liability towards spectators

  • Mohammad Nabipour Assistant profossor of shomal university ,Amol, Mazandaran,Iran
Keywords: Key words: criminal responsibility, athlete, spectator.




Basically and according to clause of article 158 of the Islamic penal code, approved in 2013 (sporting activities and accidents resulting from it, if the reason of accidents do not violate the rules related to that sport and these regulation are not in conflict with religious rules) there will be no criminal liability for the athlete. As it appears the athlete that will be exempted from any criminal offense when he has not violated the rules, however, if the athletes is offender whether the injured is opponent athlete or one of the spectators, the offending athletes will be liable for the penalty. In other words, what kind of criminal responsibility would be in these cases, if the act committed by him towards the spectator was deliberate (which would warrants retaliation) or a psedudo_deliberate error (which would warrants the payment of atonement and also sanction punishment it means that imprisonment 1 to 3 years in case of victim death by the offending athlete according to article 616 in sanction law) or vasted error (which would warrants prey for a loss by kinsmam) the responsibility of the athlete will be different.But whether the athlete respect to all of the rules he will be completely exempted from the damage that he enters into the spectator or not, is the point of disagreement which this article seeks to ask the question.




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