Civil Liability Resulting from Sport Referees Misjudgment

  • Seyed Hassan Hosseinimoghaddam Assisstant Professor, Department of Law, Shomal University, Amol, Iran


There is no doubt that sport is helping people to have health and happiness.  However,   this has undergone several changes over time since but there was professional the sports mix with championship and all there phenomena.  Nowadays, sport is considered as a profession and many companies and plus can see it as a business.  Moreover, governments mix the scores with politics.  Referees are not guaranteeing discipline in sport fields. The decisions referees make have some consequences including civil responsibilities.  So, the referees are expected to make up for theor loss caused by their decisions. From this point of view the responsibilities of the referrals should be investigated to clarify the limits of their responsibilities and the extent to which they have to make up for the loss. If these limitations are not clarified the maximum reaction the referee may receive would not extend notifications of unfair decisions which may not have any legal consequences for him. The may not be responsible to the loss caused by his decisions regarding the breakdown of club properties or viewers of the match. It should be noted that the referee alone is not responsible for making up the loss and should make up for that as one of the casual elements according to the civil law and Islamic punishment rule acted in 2013.


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