Acute versus Chronic dynamic warm-up on balance and balance the vault performance in skilled gymnast

  • Fereshte Ahmadabadi M.Sc of Exercise physiology, Humanity Faculty, Semnan University
  • Seyed Mohsen Avandi b. Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology, Humanity Faculty, Semnan University
  • Atefe Aminian-Far c. Assistance Professor of Physiotherapy Group, Rehabilitation Faculty, Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center, Semnan University of Medical Sciences. Semnan, Iran


Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of acute and long-term dynamic warm up protocol on static and dynamic balance and balance the vault performance in skilled female gymnast. Methodology: For this purpose, 16 skilled female gymnasts (mean age 9.62±1.45 years and weight 28.24 ±8.52 kg) were divided into two groups (control and dynamic) randomly. The first protocol included a 10 minute jogging, and the second protocol consisted of dynamic warm-up. The indicators of the equilibrium in four static (with two legs, and with one leg) and dynamic situations (with two legs and one leg) were investigated with 7 cameras and Kistler force plate before and after acute and four weeks protocol. Statistical analysis of data was performed through ANOVA and significance level of (p≤ 0.05). Results: On the results, a significant increase in balance-whip performance in the long-term was observed than the acute phase (p ₌ 0.001). Also a significant increase in dynamic and static balance with double feet with a dynamic warm-up protocol in the long-term than acute phase (P = 0.001).The static single foot balance showed no significant difference with dynamic warm-up protocol (p ≥ 0.05). Conclusion: results showed that long-term dynamic stretching can improve static and dynamic balance and balance whip performance in skilled gymnasts, which can be preserve individual in risk of sports injuries. Further studies are needed to clarify the specific role of dynamic stretch in various sports activities.
Key words: static balance, dynamic balance, Dynamic stretch, force plate


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