Ethical Policies

Authorship and Ethical Policies

The Editors of the International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology (IJAEP) expect each author to have made an important scientific contribution to the study and to be thoroughly familiar with the original data of research. The Editors also expect each author to have read the complete manuscript and to take responsibility for the content and completeness of the manuscript and to understand that if the paper, or part of the paper, is found to be faulty or fraudulent, that he/she shares responsibility with his/her coauthors. All funding sources supporting the work and all institutional or corporate affiliations must be disclosed in the manuscript.

The journals of the IJAEP accept only papers that are original work, no part of which has been submitted for publication elsewhere except as brief abstracts. When submitting a paper, the corresponding author should include along with the cover letter, copies of related manuscripts submitted or in press elsewhere. Taking material from another’s work and submitting it as one’s own is considered plagiarism. Taking material (including tables, figures, and data; or extended text passages) from the authors’ own prior publications is considered duplicate publication or self-plagiarism and is not permitted.


Authors using humans, animals, or fetal tissue in their experiments should submit the ethical approval from their organization or institute.