Ethical Policies

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement


Editorial Board and Editorial Responsibility

The Int J Appl Exerc Physiol has international editorial board involve scientists in sport science. The latest updated board my find at the following link:

Editorial Team

The journal is Editorial team consisting to: Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Team, Managing Editor and Reviewers. The editor-in-chief and editors of Int J Appl Exerc Physiol, they have fully responsibility to approve or reject articles base of standard process of peer review system.


Name of journal

The International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology (Int J Appl Exerc Physiol).

 ISSN: 2322-3537


Ownership and management

Publisher: Int J Appl Exerc Physiol is official journal of Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association.


IJAEP is non-profit scholarly journal.


Publishing schedule

Publishing schedule in quarterly per year


Authors and Authors responsibilities

The journal do not charge for submission process and also for publishing accepted article.

The Editors of the International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology (IJAEP) expect each author to have made an important scientific contribution to the study and to be thoroughly familiar with the original data of research. The Editors also expect each author to have read the complete manuscript and to take responsibility for the content and completeness of the manuscript and to understand that if the paper, or part of the paper, is found to be faulty or fraudulent, that he/she shares responsibility with his/her coauthors. All funding sources supporting the work and all institutional or corporate affiliations must be disclosed in the manuscript. The journals of the IJAEP accept only papers that are original work, no part of which has been submitted for publication elsewhere except as brief abstracts. When submitting a paper, the corresponding author should include along with the cover letter, copies of related manuscripts submitted or in press elsewhere.

The International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology journals do not require all authors of a research paper to sign the letter of submission, because of all process of publishing is by electronic system. Corresponding author need to register at official website of journal and submit their article by the given account. An email notification for new submission will be sent to list of authors in article and corresponding authors is responsible for having ensured that author agree with submission at this journal and approved manuscript submission. Any changes to the article and author list after submission, such as a change the name of authors, order of author list, deleting names and related aspect need to approve by chief-in-editor. Autors of article need to sign and submit at electronic submission form. Please download  PUBLISHED STATEMENT OF INFORMED CONSENT form here

Authors need to follow-up the guideline of journal to prepare manuscript before submission. (Author guideline)



Peer-review process

All manuscript after pre-review process by managing editor will be sent for minimum two international reviewer (at the same area of research). The online review system (OJS) is using by this journal and all process of submission and review to publication could be track by authors. Discussion section for any comment is installed at author panel.

The reviewer of this journal using online comment system inside the journal system to commenting and rate to articles.  There are four type of decision including: Accepted, Accept with major corrections, Accepted with minor corrections and Decline.


Publication ethics

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) rule approved by editorial team and list of Authors.

Cope website:

Correspondent author is only person that request for article withdraw at any process of review and before online publication.

Plagiarism: Taking material from another’s work and submitting it as one’s own is considered plagiarism. Taking material (including tables, figures, and data; or extended text passages) from the authors’ own prior publications is considered duplicate publication or self-plagiarism and is not permitted. All manuscript will be checked by Plagiarism Software before review process.

Human and animal Ethics: Authors using humans, animals, or fetal tissue in their experiments should submit the ethical approval from their organization or institute.


Copyright and Access

Published articles of this journal will available as Open Access for download. This journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.




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